Flat Rack Shipping Container

New and Used: Available in 40ft & 20ft

If you have an item or range of items that are large in size or difficult to transport, a Flat Rack Shipping Container is the ideal option. Flat Rack Shipping Containers consist of a flat bed, and containerise items for transportation that are oversized or have a difficult shape. Many of our customers have purchased a used Flat Rack Shipping Container to transport everything from oversized materials, and industrial and mining parts, right though to houses, water tanks, and boats. All Flat Rack Shipping Containers, are manufactured to withstand the harshest conditions at sea and during transportation. You can rest assured that the strength and durability of our shipping containers, will suit all your needs, no matter how bulky your items may be.

Choose a Flat Rack Shipping Container for cost effective transport

At MCP, we have 20ft Flat Rack Shipping Container and 40ft Flat Rack Shipping Container options available for all your oversized items. We can take care of the transport and delivery of your container/s for you, and we also offer container features which include:

4 locking mechanisms

When you require a Flat Rack Shipping Container, call our team at Melbourne Container Park on (03) 9364 8688, and we look forward to assisting you with your enquiry.

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    Container Modifications
    Customize your Container
    MCP offers a detailed range of shipping container modifications depending on your unique requirements. We give you the ability to customise your container to your preference with ease using our container modification tool.